Head Dress: from beauty supply store; Dress: Vintage Talbots Sante Fe; Belt: Vintage

This lock down is really crazy but in a way therapeutic.

You may be asking, “What the hell is this chick talking about?” Well…let me explain. I have realized how pre-lock down days have made me lazy and non-productive. Basically using outside distractions from achieving my much needed goals. If you have read my previous post , I have accomplished more in 24-48 hours then I have in 3 days.

Head Dress: from beauty supply store; Dress: Vintage; Bracelet; Cowboy Shoes: BCBG

As well, my sense of style is different. I have being looking at content creators and have noticed how cliche everyone is. They buy the same brands, promote the same brands, wear the same styles, have the same furniture, etc. No one is being themselves. Which, quite frankly, is extremely boring. So I said to myself, “If I can be so critical about their style and platform, then Cynthia you need to be different. You need to be yourself, stand out, and never apologize for your sense of being outside the box.”

So I decided to start my turban series. Some will say I am getting in touch with my African side. To be quite honest, I just didn’t feel like doing my hair. #shrug #LOL



Dress: Vintage; Belt: Vintage Courtney & Co; Bracelet ; Shoes: Zara; Bag: Vintage Beaded White Purse


Dress, Chain Bracelet, Ring, Necklace, Top: Vintage; Belt: Vintage Courtney & Co


Head Dress: from beauty supply store; Dress: Vintage Talbots Sante Fe; Belt: Vintage; Vintage Purse

*Items labeled as vintage no longer have the name or brand attached

I leave this post with 3 questions. what have you been doing with yourself during this lock down? And has it been therapeutic? How productive have you allowed yourself to be? Let me know below in the comments!

Hope you are enjoying the look as much I am. If you follow me on my IG (which I recommend you should), you will see more of my style right smack in your face.

xoxo– Cynthia