This is a heavy topic, especially with everything that has been going on since 2019 due to covid.

You are probably asking yourself, “How in the hell am I thinking about quitting, when so many people are currently looking for jobs, so many have lost their jobs due to covid cut backs, how will I pay my bills?” etc. Yes, my friend. These are going to be things that WILL plague your mind while the intensity to quit that job increases.

If covid, has taught us anything, it has taught us how unhappy we are or how unhappy we are at our jobs. As well, the dread and the thought of working a 9-5 leaves some of us shaking in our boots. Some of us have or are currently experiencing micro aggressions, innuendous insults, condescension, racist undertones, doing the job of 2 people, over worked but the pay does not reflect the extra tasks you are performing, no appreciation, no assistance, and so on and so forth. But here is the kicker….are you just tired and do you really hate the job because of the environment? Do you hate that job because of the people? do you hate that job because of the management? Do you hate that job because of the tasks you are doing?

Do you hate that job because you are unhappy and don’t know why? Do you hate that job because you are over it? or do you hate the job because you feel stuck and the energy of the universe is telling you there are more out there wanting to be explored? While you are trying to figure these questions out, here are some things to do and think over during your contemplation.

  1. Why do I want to quit my job?

Before you decide to quit your job, why do you want to quit it? If you have no reason to but want to, let me hold some money because that means you have a lot of money saved up! Lol. Some people advise to have at least over 6-10 months of funds saved. I personally think you need to have at least 2 years of funds saved up, especially if you are thinking of never again working another 9-5 (will touch more on this).

2. How long do I have before I no longer have access to health insurance or will I have health insurance once I quit my job?

You know, before covid, having health insurance (especially in the U.S) wasn’t that big of a deal to have. Yes it was important but some people weren’t taking it too seriously. But as soon as covid brought it’s ugly head, peoples’ health became an important factor. With the rate people were dying and the increase of much needed hospital beds, the need of health insurance became an important topic especially among minorities. Yes, you may not feel sick now but again the world is technically (at this time when this blog was written) at a standstill. In addition, if you haven’t being living under a rock, there are people not being mindful of others. Even though the spread of covid has decreased, you are still open to get sick. Do you have the funds available to cover your medical bills if push comes to stove?

3. Are you willing to downsize or move in with family?

You read that right. Are you willing to downsize? Are you willing to stop buying luxury items? Are you willing to put yourself on a very STRICT budget? Are you willing to no longer have an amazon shopping spree? Are you willing to move back in with your mum and dad or family member? (make sure to factor in those endless calls asking where you are like you are still a child, no privacy, etc.) Are you willing to do away with a lot of your favorite things? Are you willing to stop buying name brand products?


4. Are emotions clouding your brain?

Are you being driven by your emotions? Granted, if management or someone at your job is being disrespectful, your emotions may be over shadowing a lot of your thinking skills. Our emotions become a catalyst as to why we do a lot of the things we do. This will be the time you will have to take yourself out of the equation to evaluate how you are feeling to make sure you are not being a spoilt brat. Is there a resolution? Meaning have you spoken with management or HR to see if there is a common ground that can be met? (Make sure you have everything documented.)

5. Create a pros and cons list.

I would advise to create a pros and cons list to help you evaluate your position. It will also be best to speak with someone that has gone through it or speak with family members whom are not toxic and will have the ability to guide you (even in some cases, play devils advocate).

6. How many resumes or jobs interviews have you applied for or gone to?

First you need to know what kind of job you are looking for. This will be when you need to figure out if you looking for a job that you enjoy or just looking for a paycheck. Not every open spot is going to be for you. You will have to determine what kind of job burns your insides. This will also be the time for you to brush up your resume to see what needs to be updated or removed.

7. Are you planning on being an entrepreneur?

Touching back on #1 where I mentioned never working another 9-5, are you quitting your job because you want to become an entrepreneur to be your own boss? If that is the case, you need to know, in the first 2 to 3 years (sometimes 5 years) most entrepreneurs do not see any profit and have to live off their savings or credit cards. But of course, if you are determined to quit that job to become an entrepreneur make sure to check out my BUSINESS PLAN INTERACTIVE GUIDE in starting a business. It’s packed full of much needed insight of what you will need to become that entrepreneur to be that boss you are dreaming of. As well, I have checklists that will also help you, which I use myself. These checklists really help me stay on track on my goals as far as future projections and revenue streams.

8. Make that game plan and outline your escape.

Depending on the results of your pros and cons list from #5, you now have to make that game plan. This game plan must answer 5 things:

    1. How you are going to quit?
    2. What your next move will be?
    3. How are you going to execute these plans or outline?
    4. Who will help you finalize these plans or outline? (If you are going to go solo, then eliminate this part.)
    5. When is the final game day?

These are the things I would advise to use during your evaluation factor. Remember, you only have one life to live. The main man above did not give us this time to waste it on being unhappy but he also gave you the common sense to hopefully use it. Let me know what you did and how you feel! Your input may help someone else in the same predicament. 

Hope you are enjoying the look as much I am. If you follow me on my IG (which I recommend you should), you will see more of my style right smack in your face.

xoxo– Cynthia