Services Provided

I do not accept product for payment.

Social Media Management: Creating, Planning and Scheduling Engaging social media content that promote sales and increases engagement and viewership for Instagram/Instastories, Facebook, and, at times, Twitter.

Photography & Videography: Creative direction and photography of products for website and social media use, which may include: flat lays, lifestyle shots, street style shots, and at times, videography 59 seconds to 2 minutes.

Sponsored Content: Sponsored blog posts/reviews, sponsored video posts/reviews, sponsored giveaways, and sponsored social media posts.

Instagram Collaborations: Instagram photos/carousels, instaStories, instaStories (with Swipe Up links to website/product of your choice), highlight reel in instagram profile, link in Instagram Profile (24 hours Maximum), instagram videos (25 to 55 seconds), and IGTV Video (2 to 5 minutes).

Social Media Collaborations: Facebook and Twitter

Video Content: YouTube reviews, YouTube tutorials, IGTV tutorials/reviews

Speaking Engagements/Hosting: Event Hosting (inviting my audience to event), Panel Discussions, Moderating Panels, Fashion & Blogger Expert Appearances, Television/Youtube Interviews, and Podcasts/Radio.

Banner Ad Space: 250 x 250 Ad Space in Right Sidebar or 300 x 200 Ad Space on Main Blog Page Footer

Sponsored Links: Links inside old or upcoming blog Posts, swipe up links on Instagram Stories (Lasts 24 hours with analytics provided upon completion), and link in Instagram profile (24 hours Maximum)