Jacket: Ellen Tracy; Pants: Liz Claiborne Collection; Shoes: White House Black Market; Bracelet

As we have to enjoy our solitude due to this government issued quarantine, some of us will have that long lost dream of working from home.

(I have never being a velvet person, but this jacket is so soft and luxurious. I recently purchased this jacket. Unlike many jackets I own, I believe this will be one of my go-to.)

Those that are not use to having to stay in the house all day or accustomed to having to work from home, you are going to experience the need to be comfortable and the need for inspiration in order to develop a productive mindset.

Comfortable Desk Chair

If you have been meaning to get that most wanted home office chair, this will be the time to get it. Those long days and hours of sitting in one place, will definitely take a toll on the body. You will need a chair that is extremely comfortable and will not hurt the back of legs.

Phone Mount

A phone mount will be extremely convenient especially during those days of zoom or sykpe conferences. It will help keep your hands free leaving you the added freedom to continue working. As well, if you creating content for your Youtube channel or conducting a webinar via your phone, a phone mount will really help to angle yourself in a way that will be most helpful for yourself and your audience.

Vintage Desk Lamp

A chic and vintage desk lamp will take your desk to another level. I, personally, feel it inspires me when I have a piece of décor that speaks and breathes fashion and style.

Mini Containers

Having mini containers will help to keep much needed jump drives, magnets, and other trinkets out of the way. They also assist in keeping your desk clutter free and zen like. I hate when my desk is messy. It drives me off the wall. My type-A OCD will definitely have a field day.

Magazine or Book Boxes

Magazine or book boxes can be used to put important work documents and papers away so they will not clutter your desk. They will have to place to live. And when you do not want to look at them, you are able to turn them to the back. I love getting the decorative ones, so when I turn them around, there is something pretty for me to glance at.

I leave this post with this question. How has your style and stay-at-home work experience being during this lock down? Let me know below in the comments!

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xoxo– Cynthia